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Study on Effects of Diesel Engine Exhaust

A study on the effects of diesel engine exhaust on a large group of individuals has been delayed due to the requests of industry and government officials. The study examines 12,000 miners who have been exposed to diesel fumes, paying specific attention to the presence or lack of presence of lung cancer in the miners.…

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High-Quality Exhaust Kit
Diesel Performance Parts

High-Quality Diesel Exhaust Systems Boost Performance

A great way to improve the performance of your diesel vehicle is to have a high-quality diesel exhaust system installed. Diesel Power Products carries exhaust systems from Diamond Eye, MBRP, FLO~PRO, Banks Power and Grand Rock.  Not only do these exhaust systems provide the standard functions of getting hot, noxious exhaust gasses away from your engine compartment,…

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Why You Need a Top-Quality Diesel Exhaust System

If great performance is important to you as a driver, you’ve probably already discovered that the factory exhaust system that came with your vehicle just isn’t giving you what you’re looking for. That’s when it’s time to consider a top-quality diesel exhaust system. There are numerous benefits a top-quality diesel exhaust system provides over your…

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