Straight Pipe to Stealth Mode with the Flip of a Switch!

If you’re like many, you love the sound of a straight pipe diesel, but can’t stand the drone and resonation when you’re towing. Or maybe you prefer a straight pipe, but your significant other wants it to be as quiet as possible. No matter the reasoning, in the past, if you wanted to the best…

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2016 Ford Super Duty Prototype Explodes During Highway Testing

Recently one of Ford’s prototype SuperDuty trucks exploded during testing in the desert. It was a spectacle to say the least. The Ford engineers in the vehicle escaped safely. The fire started near the front drivers side tire and within 3 minutes completely engulfed the engine bay and cab. What is most interesting about the fire…

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Adding a Ram 1500 EcoDiesel to the DPP Stable

Since news that Ram was set to release a 1500 powered by a diesel, our Assistant Sales Manager, Tyler Lucas, has been following every detail of these trucks. Once word got out that they were available for ordering at the dealers, Tyler’s 2006 Cummins Mega Cab went up for sale and a trip to the…

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Mega Tow Rig | 2012 Ram Cummins Dually

Over the years, we have built numerous vehicles that were intended to serve many purposes and have the ability to do anything we could throw at them, whether it was crashing over rocks and stumps, high tailing down the quarter mile, or simply an impressive truck to drive back and forth with. And as we’ve…

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