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Diesel Factoids

  • The term “diesel” was originally linked only to the type of engine.  It was not associated with any particular type of fuel.
  • The inventor of the diesel engine, Rudolf Diesel, ran his first engines with peanut oil.
  • Diesel fuel can be made from virtually any organic material (like peanut oil) if it possesses flammable properties.  This flammability makes it suitable for the diesel process.
  • Hydrocarbon-based diesel fuel has superior stability and cold-weather capabilities.
  • To produce diesel fuel, crude oil is first distilled and then refined.
  • Biodiesel engines can run on fuel obtained from used cooking oil or tallow!
  • Diesel oil can be produced synthetically, using the process of gasification.
  • The highest energy efficiency rate from initial oil extraction to combustion in the engine is with fossil diesel fuel.
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