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Sprint Booster- Easily Increase Your Throttle Response on Newer Trucks

What the heck is a Sprint Booster?  Sprint Booster is the cure for the common delay in throttle response found on most current vehicles that utilize an electronic throttle.  Unfortunately, as most newer generation vehicles have adopted drive by wire systems, the traditional mechanical devices have gone to the wayside.  As a result of added…

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Fisher-Price Ford F-250
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Fisher-Price Ford F-250 Super Duty for Kids

Introducing the world’s smallest Super Duty truck ever! Fisher-Price has come out with a Ford F-250 Super Duty for kids. This pickup truck is designed to look just like dad’s, with forward leaning grill, engine sounds, and a secret storage compartment under the seat (for storing tools? towing equipment? pacifiers?) What else does this mini…

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Bully Dog Ego Boost at SEMA 2011

Bully Dog has taken on another awesome challenge.  The company is doing aftermarket tuning for the 2011 Ford 3.5L Twin Turbo Eco Boost. Calling the truck Ego Boost, Bully Dog will be showing the fixed-up truck at the 2011 SEMA Show on November 1st. The Bully Dog Ego Boost will have an interactive display station that controls 2…

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