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Suspension Love For Your Ram HD

Over the years, we have learned that just because you drive a heavy duty diesel truck, it doesn’t need to handle like one.  In sharp contrast to the opinion of many, you can absolutely enjoy driving your truck down a rough dirt road or even take it out for a weekend of four wheeling without…

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2014 EcoDiesel Ram 1500

Finally…somebody finally did it!  A diesel in a light duty pickup has been a long time coming, but due to ever increasing, stringent emissions laws, the release of such an animal has been delayed several times over.  And yes, we remember the Datsun diesels from the ‘80’s, but we’re talking NEW generation diesels here.  Dodge…

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2013 Ram 3500 – The Front End Fix We’ve All Been Waiting For From Ram?

For years, Heavy Duty Ram owners have been plagued with steering issues and poor suspension geometry that has resulted in a less than desired ride.  Most Ram owners and other truck owners alike have heard of the most notorious steering issue, dubbed “Death Wobble” in which the steering wheel shakes violently after encountering a depression…

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Sprint Booster- Easily Increase Your Throttle Response on Newer Trucks

What the heck is a Sprint Booster?  Sprint Booster is the cure for the common delay in throttle response found on most current vehicles that utilize an electronic throttle.  Unfortunately, as most newer generation vehicles have adopted drive by wire systems, the traditional mechanical devices have gone to the wayside.  As a result of added…

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