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The “Death” of Death Wobble – Originally written by Carli Suspension

We, at Diesel Power Products, recently ran across an excellent write up covering the ins and outs of Death Wobble written by our friends over at Carli Suspension. These guys are specialists in Dodge and Ford suspension, which means they also excel at the steering in these applications and how to improve it. While this…

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2013 Ram 3500 – The Front End Fix We’ve All Been Waiting For From Ram?

For years, Heavy Duty Ram owners have been plagued with steering issues and poor suspension geometry that has resulted in a less than desired ride.  Most Ram owners and other truck owners alike have heard of the most notorious steering issue, dubbed “Death Wobble” in which the steering wheel shakes violently after encountering a depression…

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Q&A with Shaun Quisenberry on The Carli 6 Inch Radus Arm System

Carli Suspension is a company that has made a house-hold name for itself in the off-road world, bringing to market some of the most advanced, best performing suspension systems for Dodge Ram HD’s and Ford SuperDuty’s.  Even with the tremendous growth of the company over the last few years, their philosophy hasn’t changed:  build suspension…

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